home damage repairs - can you do it yourself?

3 Important Steps To Take After A Flood Damages Your Home

Floods are one of the worst natural disasters to face, as they can happen quickly and cause severe damage. If your home has fallen victim to one, it's important to remain calm and respond in the following ways.  1. Contact Your Insurance Company  If you have flood insurance, then it's absolutely essential to contact your insurance company immediately. This way, you can file a claim to cover all or most of the damage caused by the flood. Read More 

Why Do You Need A Mold Inspection Service?

Mold is a serious issue. Along with its unpleasant aesthetics, the slimy stuff can cause respiratory issues that range from minor irritation to wheezing and asthmatic reactions. Even though mold has a strikingly characteristic appearance, sometimes it's hidden out of sight; that's where a mold inspection service comes into play. Why would you need mold testing services? Take a look at some of the top reasons for hiring an assessment and evaluation professional. Read More 

Should You Clean Surface Mold Before A Remodel?

Are you planning a remodeling project and have observed black mold on your property? Some property owners who see black mold try to clean it away themselves. However, this can be problematic in some cases. The following are primary reasons you should refrain from do-it-yourself mold removals for renovation projects. Beyond the Surface Many times people see mold on surfaces and do not realize that the mold may have spread into other areas. Read More 

Have A House Fire? Tips For Making Your Home Odor Free And Clean

Having a house fire, no matter how big or small, can cause a lot of damage to a home. Even if a fire is contained to a small space like a kitchen, the smoke can get into every part of your home and cause it to smell like smoke and discolor belongings. Follow these tips for getting your home to be odor free and clean. Prevent More Damage From Occurring Read More 

Tips for Preventing Mold in Your Home

If you aren't on top of things around your home, you can find yourself dealing with mold issues. Not only can certain types of mold be harmful to those in your household, but it can quickly cause damage to your home that will lead to expensive repair bills from wall and even foundation damage. Follow the tips detailed in the article below to prevent mold from becoming a problem in your home: Read More